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    Produce Gallery

    Harmony Valley Farm prides itself in growing the finest, high quality organic produce. Beyond that, our repertoire includes some very special and unique crops and varieties. We often find ourselves in the position of introducing a variety to our customers for the first time. The following will help describe some of our favorite yet less well-known produce.

     French Petite Beans

    French Petite Beans

    A specialty of ours during mid and late summer, these tender, flavorful beans come as close to the true French haricot vert as any we've grown, but with growth and blossom habits that allow us to harvest steady quantities all season long. Restaurants, market shoppers and retailers vie for our supply.

    Red Savoy Cabbage

    Red Savoy Cabbage

    You could claim there's not a lot to get excited about in the world of cabbage, but you'd be overlooking this phenomenally beautiful newcomer. Not as heavily savoyed as the traditional green savoy, and not as intensely colored as a traditional red cabbage, our red savoy, nevertheless, outshines both relatives in many respects. It is crispier and juicier than a true savoy, and has a fresher, brighter taste than red cabbage. Possibilities are endless. Rediscover cabbage with our red savoy!

    French Orange Melons

    French Orange Cantaloupe -

    This personal sized cantaloupe has the seductive flavor of the famous, but finicky, French Charantais melons, but can be reliably grown here in the Midwest. We've made many friends with this signature summer crop. Market shoppers and CSA customers can't wait for their first taste of French Orange each season.

    Tuberina or Crosnes

    Crosnes aka Tuberina or Chinese Artichoke -

    Crosnes are rarely grown on a commercial scale in the United States, but each year we harvest several hundred pounds of these unique tubers for sales to restaurants and our farmers' market customers. Their sweet, nutty crunch with a hint of artichoke make them very versatile. Their flavor is enhanced by butter and gentle cooking. We harvest them in late fall and have them for sale throughout winter while supplies last. Occasionally, we harvest overwinter tubers in early spring for sale in April and May.


    Porcelain and Italian Red Garlic -

    Through careful selection we have improved these types of stiffneck garlic here at Harmony Valley. Both produce large bulbs with full-bodied flavor and excellent storage capabilities. The Italian Red garlic bulbs contain 6 - 8 large, easy-peeling cloves. Incredibly, the Porcelain variety has 3 - 5 jumbo cloves that home and professional cooks love! We harvest garlic in late July and sell cured garlic right through February.

    Flowering Kale

    Flowering Kale-

    Ornamental yes, but don't dismiss its value in the kitchen. Use as you would red, green or lacinato kale, allow more cooking time. Retains its color! Small center leaves make stunning garnish or salad additions and are very edible raw when harvested after the cool weather has set in.


    Lacinato(Tuscan)Kale -

    The lance shaped, crinkled leaf of lacinato give it a distinct look, but the flavor is its true claim to fame. Milder and nuttier in flavor than other kales, even in summer harvest, it is gaining remarkable popularity. It's deep green color is a badge of its healthful vitamin and mineral content.



    Ramps grow wild in our part of the country, preferring deep forest soils and cool springs. We harvest them judiciously, selecting large bulbs with healthy leaves, leaving behind plenty to replenish the population for sustainable harvest for years to come. The flavor of ramps is inimitable, though they are reminiscent of leeks, hence their local name, wild leek. Their season is fleeting, three to four weeks in late April and early May, depending on the spring temperatures. Their supply is limited, so enjoy them in abundance while they are available.

     Broccoli Romanesco

    Broccoli Romanesco -

    Broccoli Romanesco is a visual and taste feast. Its spiraling minarets catch the eye, while the delicate, nutty, cauliflower-like taste is versatile and pleasing. Not as adaptable or easy to grow as cauliflower, we grow only a fall harvested crop. Our customers anticipate its arrival and ask for more when the season's over.

    Salad Mix

    Field Grown Salad Mix-

    All of our mixed greens are field grown, which imparts greater variation in texture and more intense colors, especially in cool season conditions.

    Red and Green Kale

    Red and Green Kale -

    Our red and green kales are available from July through October. Our red kale variety has similar texture and leaf size as the green and is an intense purple-burgundy color throughout the season.


    Sunchokes, aka Jerusalem Artichokes -

    Originally native to North America, the sunchoke has been bred, perfected and embraced in France. There are now several large, smooth varieties, both red and white skinned, that are available to US farmers. With a little careful selection we raise some of the most flavorful, smoothest tubers we have seen anywhere. Prized in French cuisine, Americans are discovering them for their flavor, which hints of artichoke, and their nutritional properties. They are a useful addition to diets that limit high glycemic index vegetables. Any recipe calling for potatoes can be easily adapted to sunchokes. They are available from late fall, through spring.

    Sweet Scarlet Turnip

    Sweet Scarlet Turnip

    Definitely different! This turnip is mildly sweet and very beautiful, with its rosy skin and flesh that often displays a pink blush. Freshly harvested roots can be cooked with the thin skins intact for stunning presentations. This turnip stores incredibly well through the winter months, maintaining or even improving its flavor. It is a favorite staple during the "dark months" of winter, brightening a wide variety of comfort dishes.