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  • CSA boxes

    Thank you for another great CSA season! We will begin our deliveries in May 2018

    What's a CSA?

    It is sometimes described as a vegetable co-op, a weekly box delivery, a vegetable of the week club, or a produce subscription program, but we refer to it as Community Supported Agriculture, CSA.Families or individuals join our farm to receive weekly or bi-weekly deliveries of the fantastic organic produce we grow here at Harmony Valley Farm. Whatever is ripe and delicious for the week, goes into the box: washed, chilled and carefully packed. Then we deliver it to a neighborhood near you, if you live in or near Madison, Mazomanie,Viroqua and Onalaska or La Crosse, Wisconsin or The Twin Cities .The variety and quality - ask our members - is unmatched! We support the community with great, organic food and the community supports us!

    What Makes Our CSA Unique?

    Offerings of Certified Organic Vegetable, Fruit, Coffee & Meat Shares

    Fresh, nutritious, clean produce with convenient delivery to your neighborhood

    Long delivery season from May through December

    Confident, skillful growers with over 40 years of organic farming experience

    A farmer who is also a professionally trained Chef

    Simple & tasty recipes and storage & use tips with every delivery

    Fun On-Farm Events--Come see for yourself!

    Flexible share & payment options to best fit your needs

    A vigorous farm food safety program with third party certification

    A hard-working & respected professional farm crew that is paid a fair & living wage

    Stewards of the environment providing pollinator-friendly, beneficial habitat to foster bio-diversity

    Sweet Potato harvest, Pumpkin picking at our Harvest Party Event,
    Melon harvest and a sample of our fall CSA share box.

    What Does Harmony Valley Farm Offer?

    We offer Vegetable, Fruit & Coffee Shares for delivery to the Twin Cities, MN; Madison, WI; and our local area -Viroqua, La Crosse & Onalaska. The information below outlines each of our shares with specific information to help you decide which shares best fit your needs. You can find our sign-up form and delivery calendars in pdf form on the bottom of this page.

    Each delivery comes with an informative email to help you best utilize your shares, including recipes, cooking suggestions, tips and storage information from our own Chef Andrea. Please see the sign up forms below for more information, including specific pricing, payment options, and delivery areas. The Delivery Calendars below will have specific delivery dates and colored weeks to help you choose the date that work for you.

    Vegetable Shares

    Our vegetable shares are designed to meet the needs of a family of four. Take time to thoughtfully consider which shares will best meet the needs and eating habits of your household.

    Weekly Vegetable Share: 30 boxes, delivered weekly May though Oct and every other week Nov and Dec
    The Harmony  Valley This share will give you the full seasonal experience from early spring through our peak summer season and concludes with our late fall season selections. Spring selections may include overwintered spinach & parsnips, asparagus, ramps, salad greens & spring radishes. See our PEAK SEASON description below for our summer vegetable selections. Late season boxes may include a variety of root crops (carrots, parsnips, beets, turnips, celeriac), cabbage, onions, garlic, sweet potatoes & winter squash. The weekly share is the most economical option per box. If a weekly box is too much for you, consider finding another household to share the box with or consider our every-other-week or flex shares below.

    Peak Season Vegetable Share: 20 boxes, delivered weekly Mid-June through October
    This shorter season share features summer produce grown during the peak of our season. Box contents may include summer greens (such as Swiss chard), green beans, cucumbers, sweet peppers, tomatoes, sweet corn, melons, summer squash and more.

    Every Other Week (EOW) Vegetable Share: 17 boxes, delivered every other week May to December
    This share includes the same seasonal selections we pack in the weekly box, but delivered less frequently. EOW members pick up shares on either GREEN or BROWN weeks. Delivery calendars can be found on our website near the bottom of our home page. Please indicate your preference on your sign-up form. We are unable to change your delivery dates mid-season to accommodate vacations or other special occasions. If you would like the convenience of choosing and changing your delivery dates, please consider our FLEX plan.

    Vegetable Flex Plan: Delivered May-December on the weeks of your choice. 10 box minimum purchase
    This share will allow you to choose which weeks you want to receive a delivery. Please use the delivery calendar available on our website to select preliminary delivery dates from May-December. Send this schedule to the farm along with your sign-up form. You will be able to make changes to your schedule throughout the season as long as you let us know by noon on Tuesday the week of the change. This option is also available for those who sign up part way into the season. This is a popular selection for members in smaller households or those that travel frequently for work or summer vacations. This has also become a popular gift for college students.

    Fruit Shares

    Our fruit share is delivered every other week from June through December on designated GREEN WEEKS only. In this share we offer certified organic fruit, sourced at its peak from the best fruit growing regions of North America. When available, we do include regional fruit in their season including apples and cranberries. Each box is packed for a family of four and contains a variety of 5 to 7 different fruit varieties, weighing 10-16 pounds on average. Each box contains some ready to eat fruit, and some fruit that will ripen and/or store over the next 3-10 days. Each delivery is accompanied by a newsletter, which includes information about the farms, ripening and storage instructions and recipes.

    Full Fruit Share: 14 every other week deliveries on GREEN weeks from June to December
    This share includes both the summer and autumn fruit shares. See the descriptions below for a list of seasonal selections.

    Summer Fruit Share: 10 boxes delivered on GREEN weeks from June to October
    Summer fruit boxes may contain apricots, avocados, blueberries, cherries, fresh figs, grapes, mangoes, nectarines, plums, pluots, early season apples and Valencia oranges.

    Autumn Fruit Share: 4 boxes delivered November to December
    Autumn fruit boxes may contain apples, grapefruit, Satsuma mandarins, Medjool dates, pears, pomegranates, cranberries, mangoes, tangerines, lemons, kiwi, avocados, persimmons and fresh figs.

    Coffee Shares

    We are happy to partner with Kickapoo Coffee Roasters to offer you their whole bean certified organic, fair trade, award winning coffee. Kickapoo Coffee Roasters is a family-scale enterprise located in Viroqua, Wisconsin where they roast the coffee for our share within days of delivery to you. Throughout the season you will enjoy a variety of selections sourced from around the world and featured in their peak season of freshness and availability. In general, our share features coffee selections that are a medium roast and includes both premium single origin coffees as well as seasonal blends created by our roasters. With each delivery you have the opportunity to learn more about the grower(s) who produced the coffee as well as its roast and taste profile.

    1 Pound Coffee Share: 17 deliveries every other week on BROWN weeks May to December
    This share is great for households with daily coffee drinkers and may allow you to store up a little for the winter or for social gatherings.

    2 Pound Coffee Share: 17 deliveries every other week on BROWN weeks May to December
    With this share you will pick-up two bags of coffee with each delivery, offering a great way to stock-up for the winter months or take to the office!

    Once a Month Coffee Share: 9 deliveries, once a month May to December
    This share will arrive every four weeks and is ideal for the weekend coffee drinker or smaller households.

    Autumn Coffee Share: 4 deliveries, every other week November to December
    Every delivery consists of a one pound bag of freshly roasted Kickapoo coffee.

    CSA Membership Information, Sign Up form, Special Offers and Delivery Calendar links below - 2018 CSA Information Now Available!